The Bible Society exists to bring the Word of God

to all people, in a language they understand, in an

appropriate form, and at a price each one can afford.

Julia McKinley

Julia McKinley is the recently appointed Development Officer for the NBSI, (National Bible Society of Ireland), which has global as well as local links in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The United Bible Societies are a historical network of biblical societies which traditionally focus on bible translation and making the biblical texts accessible and available to all, and have a range of exciting current national and international projects.

In Ireland the National Bible Society works with all Christian Churches and with individuals providing Bible resources, simple guides, Scripture studies, help and expertise. We want everyone to know and understand the Word of God.

In Ireland, we raise money to fund translation, production and distribution of God’s Word in other countries. There are over 6,000 languages in the world but in nearly three-quarters of these languages there is no Bible translation.

The Bible Society believes that everyone should have easy access to the Holy Scriptures in their own languages. It is our task to bring the Scriptures to all people every-where.

You can help us to help others. Your support is needed to develop our work in Ireland. We need even more help to fund the vital translation and distribution network that will bring the Bible to everyone, to every place where people live. This is made possible by working together in the worldwide fellowship of the United Bible Societies. We seek your help to bring the Holy Scriptures to the furthest ends of the earth.

The National Bible Society of Ireland is interconfessional, working with all Christian Churches. This is reflected in our Membership, National Board and staff.

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